Besides being environmentally friendly and very economical, white distilled vinegar is an effective and popular household cleaner.  It is acidic (pH 5), and this makes it effective for killing most molds, bacteria, and germs.  Is it is a multi-purpose cleaner, and eliminates the needs to have multiple bottles of cleaners used only for specific purposes.

Vinegar In Laundry

Vinegar can be used, with much success, in the laundry.  Not only can it be used to remove smells from clothing, but it also makes an excellent fabric softener.  I began using vinegar in college, to keep the colors in my clothing from fading.  When I was living in the dorm, I’d have to ride the elevator down to the laundry room in the basement.  On the ride down, I’d always have at least a few people ask me why I had a jug of vinegar in my laundry basket.  It didn’t take long before I saw jugs of vinegar popping up in other laundry baskets, too. Read More . . . 

Cleaning The Dishwasher With Vinegar

Not only does vinegar keep your dishwasher clean and free of mineral build up, but it also keeps the dishes clean, as well.  I have had great success in using a bit of vinegar with every load.  My dishes come out crystal clear and streak free, and my dishwasher never requires an additional cleaning.  Read more about using vinegar in the dishwasher . . .

Cleaning Coffee Maker With Vinegar

If you’ve started to notice that your morning cup of coffee tastes odd or bitter.  Or, you have odd particles floating in your brew, it is probably time to clean your coffee machine.   Drip style and filtered coffee makers need to be cleaned regularly to remove old oils, mineral build-up, and other residue and impurities.  You can buy kits in the store, made specifically for this purpose.  Or, you can save yourself money and exposure to chemical residue by cleaning your machine with plain ole’ vinegar.  Read more about using vinegar to clean your coffee maker . . . 

 Frequently Asked Questions

How Should I Make A Vinegar Cleaning Solution?