Apple Cider Vinegar Burned My Skin – Help!

What To Do When Vinegar Has Burned Your Skinapple cider vinegar burned my skin

As someone who has done some crazy things to her skin over the years, I am sorry to hear that apple cider vinegar burned your skin. If you notice, I don’t recommend that you apply undiluted apple cider vinegar to your face.  At the very least, mix it 50/50 with water.  But, I’d recommend diluting it even more than that, until you can be sure how your skin will react.

If you are hurt badly enough to need medical care – please go.  Apple cider vinegar is a mild acid, and most people just experience skin irritation, at the most.  But, if you feel it is more than minor irritation, don’t hesitate to have a qualified medical professional treat it.

Apple cider vinegar is acidic, with a very low pH.  Because of this, it can burn your skin.  The general rule is that acids can be very effective (and sometimes destructive).  I apply apple cider vinegar to my face a few times a week, and I don’t dilute it.  But, I when I began using it, I made sure to dilute it.  Now, the biggest issue I have is that the fumes irritate my eyes, but that goes away after a few minutes.

With all that said – let’s get back to your problem – the irritation caused by apple cider vinegar.  My recommendation now would be to seek medical help (that’s sort of a disclaimer), or start applying aloe, vitamin e (squeezed right out of a capsule), turmeric, Neosporin, or castor oil – or a blend of these.  Castor oil has saved me from many acne disasters, and it is very thick and healing.  I caused serious damage to my skin a few years ago (by overusing a micro-dermabrasion cloth).  I had the equivalent of rug burns all over my face – they lasted for many weeks.  Castor oil brought me the most relief, and seemed to really help me heal without horrid scaring.  But, I also didn’t know about turmeric back then.  So, if this ever happened to me again (not likely, as my family threw away my micro cloth), I’d apply a mix of castor oil and turmeric.

My daughter used to get horrible rashes on her arms, and then she’d scratch them open.  One night, I applied a mix of coconut oil and turmeric to her arms, and then bandaged them.  The next morning, we removed the bandage to find completely healed skin.  We were stunned.  We’d used plain coconut oil, and never had that much success.  So, it must have been the addition of the turmeric.


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